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About Us

Why Vitamin Friends?

 When my first son, Roy, was 2 ½ years old, my wife and I took him for a regular check up at the dentist. As first time parents, we were timely on all the routine checkups and followed code to give the best of everything to Roy that we possibly could. Roy had been on a well-balanced diet with nutrient rich foods and had a ton of loving attention from each of us.

In just a matter of minutes of our visit, the dentist came out and delivered pretty outrageous news to us and marked a day we will never forget. Roy was to endure four root canals and two fillings. As if that part of it was not horrific enough, the dentist then explained that it would be a five-hour intensive procedure and Roy would be fully knocked out under anesthesia. We were in great shock and extreme fear for what immediately transpired and in the very next moment we asked the million-dollar question: WHY?

The dentist asks, “Gummy Bears, do you give Roy Gummy Bear Vitamins?” We instantly told him that we did and it was what the doctor recommended. The dentist then responds, “Well, they are full of sugars and sticky gelatin. The gelatin gets jammed in kids’ teeth and the sugar goes with it, causing cavities. It is pretty difficult to brush a toddler’s teeth as is, and even harder to brush out the sticky matters that we need to protect them from the most.”

That nightmare was our reality. Roy eventually made a full recovery and so did my wife and I, both emotionally and financially from the whole ordeal. The next thing was to find another vitamin that Roy would willingly take and then the real challenge began.

We read up on the matter and became more educated. We learned from numerous reports and articles that gelatin is an ingredient that humans don’t digest well and the chewy matter sticks for days on end to our teeth.  To make matters worse, we found out what gelatin really is…animal bone marrow and hooves of pigs and cows. The whole idea didn’t sit well with us, not to mention that 80% of the vitamins don’t get absorbed due to the gelatin casing. Naturally, we wanted gelatin free gummy vitamins, which we found quickly were almost impossible to find. I was dumbfounded.

Not too long after, we took the matter in our own hands and wanted to inform and educate our friends on our new founded discovery. Soon enough, an idea sprung and it was the birth of Vitamin Friends: a gelatin free, non-sticky, high quality gummy vitamin. The secret solution was pectin, a citrus peel that is 100% natural and an ingredient that our bodies respond well to.

Vitamin Friends are distinct and your trusted source for high quality ingredients and effectiveness. Our products are not loaded with sugar, water and gelatin like many other gummy vitamins on the market.  Vitamin Friends is all natural, with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. And your kids will love it. Make sure to find the Vitamin Friends’ sticker in each box.


In great health from our family to yours,

                                       Your friendly parents at Vitamin Friends


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